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Forbidden Love; Chapter 4/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 4/10]
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Comedy
Rating: G
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High.

  Sungmin knew what his best friend was thinking about, and was grateful that he didn’t push the question any further.
  It was obvious that he was waiting for someone. It had been the third time this week that Sungmin had dragged Shindong to the same fast food restaurant, and doing nothing but gaze at the arcade all day.
  Sungmin sighed sadly. “Maybe he just isn’t going to come…” he thought, resting his head on his hands and thinking back to what happened earlier that week.

  School had already ended, and Sungmin had to pass a Math paper to Kyuhyun. He knocked on the staffroom door and thanked the teacher who let him in. He was just heading to Kyuhyun’s cubicle when he heard a loud “Yes!!” coming from it.
  A few groans and voices asking him to be quiet followed.
  Sungmin gripped his paper tightly as he neared his Professor.
  Kyuhyun was sitting hunched over his table, his tensed up hands clutching a PSP. Sungmin realized that the “Yes!!” had come from none other than his Professor.
  Kyuhyun’s attention didn’t waver a bit.
  Still no response.
  “Professor Cho!” Sungmin tapped him on the back.
  “What?” Kyuhyun spun around on his chair, annoyed.
  His expression changed immediately when he saw that it was one of his students.
  He stashed his PSP into his bag quickly and cleared his throat.
  “What do you want, Sungmin?”
  Sungmin handed the paper to him with shaking hands. His name coming out from Kyuhyun’s mouth was enough to make his heart flutter.
  He watched as Kyuhyun flipped through his paper, so terribly slow.
  “Can’t you tell that I’m about to die here?” Sungmin screamed in his mind. Then an idea struck him.
  “Full marks.” His Professor sounded impressed. “Good job, Sungmin.”
  Sungmin felt like melting to the ground when Kyuhyun smiled, not for anyone else, but for him and him alone.
  “P-professor?” Sungmin blurted out before he could stop himself. “There’s a really good arcade not too far away from here. It’s only a few blocks down the road and it’s really big and since you like to play games I thought you might want to check that place out..”
  Kyuhyun watched, a smile playing on his lips. It was the first time he had ever heard Sungmin talk so much.
  Sungmin was a little red now as he lowered his head, slapping himself mentally for saying all that nonsense.
  “Thanks. I’ll check it out sometime.”
  Sungmin raised his head to look at Kyuhyun.
  The Math Professor had an amused glint in his eyes and a small smile.
  Sungmin managed a bow before he exited the staffroom as fast as possible.

  “Looks like he isn’t coming after all…” Sungmin mumbled softly.


  Midnight, and an entire pile of worksheets waiting to be marked.
  Donghae sighed with dread. Sometimes he even wondered why he decided to be a teacher.
  Armed with a cup of unusually strong coffee, he settled himself into his chair firmly and took the worksheet at the top of the pile.
  2 hours and 4 cups of coffee later, Donghae grabbed the last remaining paper at the very bottom of the pile.
  A soft smile formed on his lips when he saw whose work it was.
  Lee Hyukjae.
  The boy was without a doubt his favorite student. Diligent, full of energy and undeniably clumsy, Hyukjae always had a grin plastered on his face, no matter what.
  And he had talent too, Donghae soon found out. A 70% chance of him tripping over his own legs when he walked, Hyukjae was a totally different person when he danced.
  He didn’t excel much in his studies, no matter how hard he tried. Which was a shame, in Donghae’s opinion, considering that the bright kids in his class wouldn’t work half as hard as Hyukjae, and still beat him in every test.
  He marked through the paper and arrived at the last page.
  A post-it note was pasted in a corner.
  Donghae couldn’t help but smile as he read it.

Hello, Professor Lee!
Uhm.. I was buying a ticket to watch a performance by this really famous dance crew and accidently bought 2. It wasn’t on purpose, honest! My best friend had something up on that day and I thought maybe you’d like to come. Please? I’d be really happy (:
Lee Hyukjae

  The boy had obviously tried to write it in his best handwriting, which unfortunately only came a little close to being readable. He had even wrote some words wrongly.
  “This kid…” Donghae tried to be angry, but he just couldn’t.
  He scribbled a reply, the smile still fixed on his face.

  “Breakfast, Youngwoon-ah!” Kangin’s mother called from the kitchen.
  Kangin dashed out of his room, all dressed and with his bag slung over his shoulder.
  “I’ll eat in school.” Kangin headed straight to the front door and pulled on his shoes.
  His mother stared. It was the first time in history Kangin got up without being nagged at.
  “Bye umma!” Kangin called before bolting out of the door.

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