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Forbidden Love; Chapter 5/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 5/10]
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Comedy
Rating: G
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High.

  Throughout his whole journey to school, Jungsu could only think about the heavy bag he had to carry to his table in the staffroom.
  He had Youngwoon to help him yesterday, but he wasn’t here now.
  But when he finally drove into school, he saw that he needn’t have fretted after all.
  Youngwoon was sitting on the curb of the school parking lot, and he stood up when Jungsu drove nearer.
  “Good morning, Professor Park!” Kangin greeted as Jungsu stepped out of his car.
  “Morning. What are you doing here?”
  “I thought you needed help, so I came early.” Kangin said it as if it was what he was supposed to do.
  “Thanks a lot, Youngwoon.” Jungsu said gratefully as Kangin picked the heavy bag up.
  “No problem.”
  They walked towards the staffroom, an awkward atmosphere hanging between them.
  “Uh.. So, how do you find my teaching?” Jungsu said, breaking the silence.
  “Very…” Kangin thought for a moment. “Captivating.’
  Jungsu raised his eyebrows. “Captivating?”
  “Oh! I mean… interesting.”
  Kangin smiled at Jungsu. “You’re the best teacher I’ve met, honest.”
  Jungsu blushed shyly, and Kangin just couldn’t help but think of how cute his Professor was.


  A few hours later, during Science class, Kangin still couldn’t stop think of the shy smile on Jungsu’s face.
  He was hardly even paying attention to Professor Lee, who was talking about something.
  “Class, I’m going to return your papers to you. Look through it and correct your mistakes.” Donghae instructed, as he handed the stack of papers to a few students, who distributed the Science papers to the rest.
  Eunhyuk drummed his fingers on his table impatiently. He was scared, but sort of anticipating Donghae’s answer.
  When his paper was finally given to him, he was already about to burst in a mix of excitement and fear.
  Slowly, he flipped to the last page of the paper.
  “Okay, I’ll come (:”
  Those 3 words were scribbled at the bottom of the post-it note.
  Though only 3 simple words, they were enough to make Eunhyuk grin for the whole day.
  After Science class, Eunhyuk stayed behind while the rest went for lunch.
  “Professor?” Donghae looked up from marking some student’s work. “Would you really come?”
  Donghae nodded, smiling at Eunhyuk’s blushing face.
  Eunhyuk held out a ticket. “Tomorrow’s the performance. Shall we meet there?”
  “Sure. Don’t be late.” Donghae replied, taking it. 
  Eunhyuk blushed even harder as he bowed and left the room. Professor Lee had caught him countless times for being late in the past.
  Donghae watched as his student walked, or stumbled, out of the classroom.
  He laid back on his chair, realizing that he was actually looking forward to the next day.

  Jungsu strolled past the cubicles of many other teachers in the staffroom before reaching his own.
  He noticed that Siwon, whose cubicle was just beside his, was staring out in space, his head resting on his hands.
  “What’s wrong?”
  Siwon turned to look at him. He was silent for a few moments, as if contemplating if he should speak or not.
  Finally, he asked, “What do you think about..”
  “About?” Jungsu pressed on.
  “What do you think about gays?”
  Jungsu’s eyes widened. He had been expecting a lot of things, but certainly not this.
  “They’re okay, I guess.” Jungsu fidgeted nervously. “ I mean, I’m not against them or anything.”
  “Really?” Siwon’s eyes brightened up. “So, you think it’s okay to be gay?”
  Jungsu cringed inside when he heard Siwon say that word again. “Why not?”
  A relieved smile broke out on his face as Siwon suddenly stood up. “Thanks hyung!” he grabbed his bag and left the staffroom.
  Jungsu sighed. “Now he’s happy, but I’m not.” He thought.
  Although he would never admit it, someone had immediately popped up in his mind when Siwon mentioned the word ‘gay’.
  The very same someone that had been in his mind for the whole day, ever since he appeared in the morning.


  Sungmin kicked a pebble aimlessly as he trudged down the road, on the way home.
  Shindong had something on that day, leaving Sungmin to go home by himself.
  He walked on, his thoughts still focused on a single person. As he thought about him, Sungmin wondered if he should visit the arcade. Just one more time, to be sure.
  His instinct took control of him, his legs heading to the familiar route he had been talking everyday, instead of the way home.
  He arrived at the arcade, and was looking for Kyuhyun when someone tapped him on his shoulder.
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