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Forbidden Love; Chapter 6/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 6/10]
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Comedy
Rating: G
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High.

  Sungmin froze.
  It couldn’t be, could it?
  He turned around.
  “This place is great! Thanks.”
  Sungmin stared, his heart pounding, at Kyuhyun’s smile.
  The Math Professor was dressed casually in a pair of faded jeans and shirt, looking worlds apart from his usual self at school.
  It took him a while to realize that Kyuhyun was waiting for his answer.
  “No problem, Professor.” Sungmin beamed.
  “S-So…” Kyuhyun stuttered, a nervous smile playing shyly on his lips. “Do you want to play anything?”
  Sungmin blinked. Was he dreaming?
  “I-I mean,” Kyuhyun quickly explained. “I have no one to challenge me, so..” his voice trailed away.
  Sungmin’s smile said it all.

  Siwon ran desperately up and down the hallway, checking every single room.
  He had something to say and it couldn’t wait, not even for a day.
  He ran past all the classrooms so fast that they were all a blur to him. Then he a black figure at the back of one of the classrooms.
  Kibum looked up from his book.
  Siwon was at the doorway, panting heavily. Slowly, Siwon walked over to him.
  “I’m sorry.”
  Kibum stared at his Professor blankly. He didn’t have a clue of what he was talking about.
  “I can’t lie any further.” Siwon admitted. “About what I said the other day about gays… I lied.”
  Kibum felt a jolt in his heart, thinking about that incident.
  “I grew up in a strict Christian family, and from young, I was taught that homosexuality was wrong.” Siwon spoke, his past that had never been mentioned at all now pouring out. “So when I started to… have feelings for guys, I kept it a secret out of fear. I’ve had crushes, like normal teenage kids. There was this guy that I had loved. He was also my best and closest friend. I thought that maybe I had a chance. When I confessed to him though… Well, I’d never forget that disgusted look on his face. We never spoke again. Until recently, I had never loved, or rather, never dared to love, again. I pushed all that homosexual part of me out of my life, and never spoke of it to anyone. I hated it. I hated the fact that I wasn’t normal in other’s eyes. I might have gone on to live a lonely life, never facing my true self, if it wasn’t for you.”
  Kibum blinked. “Me?” he thought.
  “I think I love you.” Siwon confessed, raising his head to meet Kibum’s gaze. “You weren’t my favorite just because you were the ace student. After you left that day, I realized how stupid it was to keep lying. Especially to the person I love.”
  Kibum held his breath. Was this for real?
  The silence was deafening. Siwon gazed at his student with hopeful eyes.
  Kibum was at a lost for words. He wasn’t good at expressing himself by talking.
  Then it struck him that he needn’t have to speak.
  The kiss he gave Siwon spoke a million words.


  “YESSS!” Kyuhyun threw his hands up in victory.
  Sungmin grabbed his hands and pulled them down. “Not so loud!”
  Obediently, Kyuhyun did a quiet little victory dance.
  Sungmin giggled. He had never seen this side of Kyuhyun before, and never knew that Kyuhyun could look so much like a little kid.
  Kyuhyun usually looked like, well, a Math Professor.
  “Want to play another round?” Kyuhyun asked excitedly.
  As much as he didn’t want to, Sungmin sadly replied, “I don’t think I can. It’s getting late and I still have a lot of homework to do…”
  Kyuhyun pouted cutely. “It’s just homework…”
  “Aren’t you supposed to be a teacher?” Sungmin laughed. “And besides, it’s the homework you assigned, sir.”
  Kyuhyun blushed as he smiled in embarrassment. “In that case, do it then.”
  Sungmin smiled back, before bidding goodbye to Kyuhyun and walking away.
  Kyuhyun watched as his student walked off, a tinge of sadness in his heart.
  Suddenly, before he could stop himself, he called out. “Sungmin!”
  Sungmin turned back.
  “D-Do you…” Kyuhyun stammered, his cheeks still pink. “Do you want to come here again tomorrow?”
  Sungmin grinned. “Definitely. See you tomorrow!”
  Sungmin walked away, now with a spring in his step.
  Kyuhyun scratched his head. He didn’t know why he had done that, but he didn’t regret it either.
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