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Forbidden Love; Chapter 7/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 7/10]
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Drama 
Rating: PG 
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High. 

  Eunhyuk checked his reflection out for the 134523th time that day. He had spent 2 hours deciding what to where the day before, and in the end, he decided on a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt along with a black jacket.
  Waiting for Donghae, he wondered if it was a good idea to ask his Professor out after all. What if Donghae didn’t like the performance?
  “Eunhyukkie!” His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.
  Donghae strolled towards him, a bright grin etched on his face.
  “Hi Professor!” Eunhyuk tried his best to look cool and relaxed. Donghae had never addressed him so affectionately before.
  “Shall we go in?”
  “Yup!” Donghae grabbed his arm and dragged him in.
  Eunhyuk’s mind was in whirl. Donghae seemed even more excited than he was, and he wasn’t afraid to show it.


  At that very same moment, Kyuhyun was knocking out Sungmin, once again.
  “I WIN!”
  Sungmin groaned. “Are you a Math teacher or a professional game tester?”
  Kyuhyun laughed. “I used to dream about being a professional game tester a long time ago.”
  “Why didn’t you?”
  Kyuhyun thought for a moment. “I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t regret being a teacher now.”
  “Being a professional game tester is so much more fun!”
  “Yeah,” Kyuhyun admitted, “but then I wouldn’t have met you.”
  There was silence as Sungmin slowly took in what Kyuhyun had said.
  “I don’t know if you are aware of this, but I had fallen in love with you since the day I saw you.” Kyuhyun confessed, unable to stop himself. How could he? Not when Sungmin was staring straight at him with those big cute puppy eyes of his.
  “I’m not forcing you to accept me,” Kyuhyun added quickly. “I… I just had to tell you.”
  Sungmin could hear his heart pounding in his ears. The arcade seemed so far away, and everyone around him was just a blur in his eyes.
  “Kyuhyun…” Sungmin heard his own voice, calling his Professor by his name for the first time. “I love you too.”


  Eeteuk looked up to see Siwon running towards him.
  “Thanks for your advice! I feel so relieved now.”
  Eeteuk smiled, idly thinking that he hadn’t really done much at all.
  “Can you keep a secret?” Siwon suddenly whispered.
  Curious, Eeteuk nodded.
  “I… Don’t shout. I confessed to a student.”
  “I said don’t shout!” Siwon hissed.
  “Sorry.” Eeteuk was still in shock. “Who?”
  “Kim Kibum.” Siwon smiled happily as he whispered the name.
  Siwon smiled even wider, a blissful look on his face. “He kissed me.”
  Eeteuk was speechless.
  “Hey.” Siwon turned serious. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone, please?”
  “I promise…” Eeteuk agreed.
  “Oh and by the way,” Siwon paused. “Do you have anyone in mind?”
  Eeteuk turned red. “No!”
  “Really?” Siwon asked doubtfully. “Funny. I saw you doodling hearts all over a student’s paper. When you realized what you were doing, you freaked out and started erasing them frantically. Kim Youngwoon, isn’t it?”
  With a sigh, Eeteuk nodded. There was no point denying it when Siwon knew so much.
  “Good luck! I’ll try to help you if I can.”
  “No! T-There’s no need to he-“ Eeteuk exclaimed, flustered.
  “Bye!” Siwon cut him off, grinning as he left Eeteuk standing in the middle of the hallway alone.


  “That was awesome!” Donghae practically bounced up and down while Eunhyuk giggled.
  Everything had been perfect, though not exactly what he had imagined it to be.
  His Professor was so much livelier now than he was in school, and Eunhyuk liked it.
  “Uhm…” Eunhyuk hesitated. “Do you want to go for a drink or something?” He didn’t want his date with Donghae to end so soon.
  To his relief, Donghae agreed, more than willingly, and so they headed to a nearby shopping center.
  “Let’s eat here.” Donghae suggested, walking over to a fast food restaurant.
  They ordered their food, and were just sitting down to eat when Eunhyuk gasped.
  “Uh oh.”
  Donghae turned around to see what Eunhyuk was staring at.
  Kyuhyun and Sungmin, a student he taught, walked over to them.
  “Hey Donghae, can I speak to you for a moment?” Kyuhyun glanced at his fellow colleague.
  “Sure.” Donghae got up, following Kyuhyun.
  Sungmin quickly took Donghae’s place opposite Eunhyuk.
  “Guess what?” Sungmin squealed. “He confessed to me!”
  “Who?” Eunhyuk asked, clueless. Then it struck him. “Professor Cho?”
  Sungmin nodded, still high from the ecstasy.
  “Oh my god!” Eunhyuk gasped. “Lucky!”
  Sungmin giggled. “I’m sure Professor Lee will do the same!”
  “I hope so…” Eunhyuk smiled wistfully as he looked over to the two teachers talking a distance away.


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