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Forbidden Love; Chapter 8/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 8/10]
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Drama
Rating: PG
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High.

  "So you're hitting on him?"
  Donghae blushed. "Hey! Talk about yourself. I heard you asked Sungmin out on a date."
  "Who told you that?" Kyuhyun gasped.
  Donghae giggled. "Eunhyuk!"
  "Sungmin told Eunhyuk?" Kyuhyun blinked.
  "Yup. Anyways, can you do me a favor?"
  Kyuhyun frowned. "What?"
  "Well..." Donghae paused. "Help me ask Sungmin if Eunhyuk likes me?"
  Kyuhyun sighed. "Can't you just ask him?"
  "I'm scared he'll reject me. Please, please pretty please?" Donghae pleaded, almost begging.
  "Fine." Kyuhyun shot his friend a grin. "But you owe me one."
  Donghae grinned. "Thanks!"
  "Sungmin!" Kyuhyun called the boy. "Let's go."
  Sungmin nodded in his direction. "Bye!" He flashed Eunhyuk an encouraging smile. "Good luck!"
  "Have fun." Kyuhyun strolled away with Sungmin.
  Donghae waved, adjusting his hair before heading back to Eunhyuk.


  "Hey, do you know if Eunhyuk is in love anyone now?"
  Sungmin glanced at his boyfriend. "I bet Professor Lee asked you to ask me, right? You can tell him that Eunhyuk has had a major crush on him since his first Science lesson.”
  “Really?” Kyuhyun pulled out his phone.
  He had 19 messages from Donghae and 5 missed calls already. Kyuhyun sighed as his phone rang, Donghae’s number blinking on its screen.
  “What did he say?” Donghae’s impatient voice blared out of the phone’s speakers. “Tell me, tell me!”
  Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “He likes you. Can you shut up now?”
  “Oh my god!” Donghae yelled. “Oh he’s coming back now, gotta go. Bye!”
  There was silence as Donghae hung up.
  Kyuhyun and Sungmin looked at each other, and burst out in laughter.


  “Relax.” Donghae thought as Eunhyuk came back from the washroom. “He likes you. Relax.
  Eunhyuk sat down.
  Donghae rubbed his sweaty hands together nervously. Watching the performance and eating was okay, but confessing was one thing he was afraid of.
  “Hyukkie?” Donghae asked weakly.
  “Yes?” Eunhyuk looked up and grinned widely at him.
  “I-I...” Donghae’s heart thumped faster by the second. “I...”
  “I like you.”
  “Yeah, I like yo- What?” Donghae stared at his student.
  “I like you.” Eunhyuk repeated, a smile playing on his lips. Sungmin had messaged him, telling him about Donghae's plea to Kyuhyun. 
  “You like me?” Donghae blinked, still not believing what he was hearing.
  Eunhyuk stood up, pulling Donghae to his feet too. “I mean,” Eunhyuk wrapped his arms around Donghae’s neck, and kissed his lips softly before pulling away. “I love you.”


  Jungsu hummed happily as he pushed open the staffroom door. Kangin had been waiting this morning to help him again.
  He fell silent as he saw the situation in the staffroom. He was obviously not the only one in a good mood.
  Donghae jumping around crazily, Kyuhyun rolling on the floor laughing at him, Siwon giggling as he chatted animatedly with Yesung.
  “Oh hey!” Kyuhyun greeted between gasps of laughter.
  Jungsu smiled weakly at him, making his way to his table.
  “Jungsu!” Siwon called. “You’re the only one left.”
  “Left?” Jungsu placed his bags on his table, joining Yesung and Siwon.
  “Don’t tell anyone. All of us here are currently dating students.”
  “Everyone?” Jungsu’s eyes widened.
  “Everyone but you. Or have you confessed?”
  “Nope. Wait, Yesung has a girlfriend?”
  “Boyfriend, actually.” Siwon corrected. “But he refuses to tell us who he is.”
  “And them?” Jungsu pointed at the two hyper teachers.
  “They confessed just yesterday.”
  “He likes someone?” Donghae suddenly appeared, still bouncing happily. “Who?”
  “Don’t tell them!” Jungsu lunged at Siwon, knocking him over.  
  He was no match for the younger man, and soon, he was pinned to the ground.
  “Kim Youngwoon.” Siwon announced proudly as Jungsu winced.
  “You’ve got to ask him out!” Donghae thumped Jungsu on his back wildly.
  Jungsu groaned as his friends all started planning his confession for him.
  Today was going to be a long day.


  In the classroom, things weren’t going well for Kangin too.
  Sungmin and Eunhyuk had been chatting non-stop about yesterday, which had been highly irritating but still tolerable, but they had decided that he had to know everything too.
  “And so Professor Lee, oh I mean Donghae, he asked me to call him that, had this totally blank look on his face when I told him that I liked him,” Eunhyuk rattled on excitedly. “and you wouldn’t believe how cute he was!”
  Kangin sighed, turning up the volume of his iPod. His ears hurt, and he could still hear Eunhyuk telling him in detail about his kiss with his boyfriend.
  “Go tell Ryeowook or something!” Kangin begged desperately.
  He wasn’t in the mood to listen to the love stories of others, not when he was dying from enviousness inside.
  With Eunhyuk and Sungmin now in a relationship, Kangin realised that he was the only single one among his friends, which sucked.
  But what sucked more was that he already had a person in mind, and he didn’t know how to confess to him.


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