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Forbidden Love; Chapter 9/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 9/10]
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High.

  Park Jungsu.
  The name was scribbled on every part of the paper.
  Kangin sighed and crumpled it up. Why was everyone so happy, but just not him?
  Even Professor Cho was smiling, and it wasn’t his usual you-all-failed-the-test-be-prepared-to-die smile, but a happy, I-love-you-Sungmin kind of smile.
  The smile stuck on his face even as he wrote down a bunch of funny equations that gave Kangin a headache.
  Kangin tried solving them, but gave up quickly. “Forget it,” he thought, laying his head on the table and trying to go to sleep.
  He wouldn’t have done that if it were a normal day, as he knew that the moment he rested his head on the table, Professor Cho would whack him on his head with whatever that he was holding.
  But today, Professor Cho didn’t even care.
  The Math Professor had finished writing whatever that was on the board, and had gone over to Sungmin to ‘help’ him with the questions.
  Sitting beside Sungmin, Kangin couldn’t help but overhear their conversation, which had absolutely nothing to do with whatever Kyuhyun had written. It wasn’t even related to Math. He was lucky Sungmin sat at the back, and other students couldn’t hear them talking.
  And if that wasn’t enough, Eunhyuk, who was seated on his other side, was complaining to him about how Professor Lee’s lesson was ages away.
  “I love you too Sungmin.”
  Kangin cringed, hearing his Professor’s sickly sweet voice towards Sungmin.


  “So have you confessed yet?”
  Jungsu sighed. “No!”
  Disappointed, his friends returned to their own cubicles.
  “It’s easy!” Donghae exclaimed.
  Kyuhyun smirked. “Says the guy who almost wet his pants from freaking out yesterday. And still failed to confess.”
  “Hey!” Donghae quickly defended himself. “I was about to confess, but Eunhyuk beat me to it.”
  Jungsu smiled in relief as the two friends started bickering among themselves, completely forgetting about him.


  Jungsu turned around to see Kangin running towards him.
  “Are you going home? I’ll help you carry your bag.” Kangin flashed a bright smile at him.
  The two started down the hallway together.
  “You know about Sungmin and Eunhyuk, don’t you?” Jungsu asked.
  “Yeah. I’m kind of envious.”
  “Have someone in mind?” Jungsu said jokingly.
  “Actually, I do.”
  Jungsu’s heart skipped a beat. “Anyone I know?”
  Kangin smiled. “I think you know that person very well. Want to guess who it is?”
  “Okay. Describe him.”
  “Well,” Kangin paused, thinking. “He’s not much older than me, but he thinks he’s old. He’s weak physically, and is a little shorter than me. I don’t really know him well, but I really hope to get to know him better. I love him, and I’m sure of it. His smile brightens up my whole world, and every time our eyes meet, I swear time stops. I love every part of him. I love his obvious obsession over white or angels, the shy blush on his cheeks when he accidently said I was cute, and even how dumb he is for not realizing how much I love him.”
  They reached Jungsu’s car, and Kangin fell silent.
  “Youngwoon...” Jungsu took a few steps back, leaning against the car with Kangin just a few centimeters away from him.
  “I love you.” Kangin whispered on his lips, sending a tingling sensation down Jungsu’s spine.


  Just a few meters away, Kyuhyun and Donghae held their breaths, hiding behind one of the many cars.
  They had spotted Jungsu with Kangin, and decided to follow them.
  “Kiss, kiss, kiss.” The pair chanted silently, intently watching what Kangin would do next.
  They didn’t have to wait long.
  Kangin leaned forward, stealing a soft, passionate kiss from Jungsu.
  Kyuhyun and Donghae hi-fived the air, and immediately did what any friend would do.
  They whipped out their cell phones and began recording the whole process.


  “Wow. That,” Siwon’s mouth hung open. “Is hot.”
  Yesung nodded in agreement.
  “You should have seen it.” Donghae grinned, thinking back about the day before.
  “Hi guys!” Jungsu greeted cheerily. “What are you watching?”
  “N-nothing!” Kyuhyun hastily covered the screen of his phone, as the rest scrambled back to their seats.
  Jungsu looked at him suspiciously. “Gimmie that!”
  10 minutes later, Jungsu wished he hadn’t watched the video. “Is that me?!” He shrieked shrilly.
  His friends were all laughing too hard to reply.
  After the kiss, Kangin had proceeded to feeling Jungsu a little too intimately, and Jungsu didn’t even resist, but moaned with his every touch.
  And it was all captured on tape. On Donghae’s and Kyuhyun’s phones.
  Deleting the videos, Jungsu threw the two phones back to their owners.
  “You should have seen yourself moaning for him to touch you!”
  Jungsu frowned. “Oh shut up. I can’t believe you actually took a video!”
  “Why not?” Donghae giggled. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity! It wasn’t our fault you two were making out in the carpark for everyone to see.”
  “Whatever.” Jungsu pulled a face. “At least the videos are all deleted now.”
  “I’m heading to class now.” Siwon announced, getting up. He walked to the door, and added, “Oh and, Donghae sent the video to me.”
  Jungsu groaned in agony as Siwon left.
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