me_xp (me_xp) wrote,

Forbidden Love [Completed]

Title: Forbidden Love 
Main: Super Junior
Genre: Romance, AU, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High.

Chapter 1: “He totally is! Especially when he talks about the bible and God.”
Chapter 2: “At least they're friendly.”
Chapter 3: “I guess I’m really getting old.”
Chapter 4: “Looks like he isn’t coming after all…”
Chapter 5: “So, you think it’s okay to be gay?”
Chapter 6: “It’s just homework…”
Chapter 7: “Can you keep a secret?”
Chapter 8: “He likes you. Can you shut up now?”
Chapter 9: “Says the guy who almost wet his pants from freaking out yesterday. And still failed to confess.”
Chapter 10: “Happy Valentines day.”
Tags: fic: forbidden love
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