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The Switch; Chapter 2

Title: The Switch [Chapter 2]
Main: Kibum & Heechul
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Disatisfied, Heechul and Kibum wished to become the other. But never in their wildest dreams did they expect it to come through. Was being the other really as good as they thought?

  “Kim Kibum!!”
  Kibum groaned and sat up in bed.
  “What is it-” he froze in mid sentence, flabbergasted.
  The person that had burst into his room, and was now staring at him with the exact same expression was… himself?
  The other him recovered faster, and quickly closed the door behind him.
  Kibum slowly got out of bed, still not believing what he was seeing.
  Then the other Kibum lunged at him, and they both fell on the floor, fighting like cats.
  It took Kibum a long time to push his imposter away. Somehow, he didn’t feel as strong as before.
  His imposter glared at him. “Give me back my face!”
  “Your face?” Kibum fixed an equally intense glare on him. “What a thing to say when you’re the one stealing my face!”
  The imposter stared blankly at him, then sighed. “You don’t know yet do you?”
  He got up, pulled Kibum to his feet and dragged him to the full length mirror that stood in a corner of the room.  
  Kibum’s jaw dropped. In the mirror, Kim Heechul looked straight at him with the same ridiculous expression.
  A hand smacked his head sharply.
  “Don’t make my face like that!” his imposter snapped.
  Still in shock, Kibum didn’t even feel the pain. “So I’m you, and you’re… me?”
  “Duh!” his imposter, or as he knew now, Heechul, replied.
  “But.. how?”
  There was a brief silence as they both thought hard.
  “Ah! Don’t tell me…” Heechul went to the room window and looked out. “Did you see-”
  “The shooting star!” Kibum gasped.
  “Exactly. What did you wish for?”
  Kibum turned red. “No-nothing.”
  “Say it!” Heechul demanded.
  Kibum looked at his own face. He never knew that his face, and voice, could be as bitchy as this.
  “I.. I wished that I could be you. I mean,” Kibum hurriedly explained. “I mean, no one ever notices me. Ever. I might as well not be there, and it wouldn’t even make a difference!”
  Heechul smirked smugly. Kibum winced. Seeing Kim Heechul’s trademark smirk on his own face wasn’t really what he wanted to see, like forever.
  “An-anyway, what did you wish for then?”
  It was Heechul’s turn to blush. “Well, I… I..”
  Kibum laughed to himself. This was the first time he ever heard Heechul stammer.
  “You wished that you could be me?” Kibum answered helpfully.
  “No! I mean y-yes.” Heechul admitted with some difficulty. “Hey! Don’t misunderstand. It’s only because everyone leaves you alone. Everybody keeps annoying me, it’s seriously frustrating!”
  Kibum sighed heavily. “Well, we both got our wish, didn’t we?”


  At 8am, everyone was eating breakfast. Except for two members.
  Ryeowook picked up the courage to call them. Kibum wasn’t much of a problem, but the same couldn’t be said for Heechul. If this wasn’t about the food he cooked, Ryeowook wouldn’t have dared to wake Heechul up.
  He decided to go for the easier one first, but when he looked into Kibum’s room, it was empty.
  That left him no choice but to go to Heechul’s room.
  He knocked lightly on the door. “Heechul hyung, time for breakfast..”
  “Go away!” A shout erupted from the room.
  Ryeowook immediately rushed back to the other members.
  The other members heard the shout too, and looked at each other worriedly.
  “Is it just me, or did Kibum just shout?” Donghae glanced around the table. “And at Ryeowook?”
  “It’s not you.” Eunhyuk answered, wide eyed.


  “You didn’t have to shout! Especially if you’re me!”
  “Oh shut up.” Heechul rolled his, or Kibum’s, eyes. Then he grinned. “Let’s get changed.”
  Before Kibum could stop him, Heechul pulled his pants off.
  His eyes widened as he looked down. “Whoa. You’re huge.”
  “For a slim guy like you, you’re pretty big too.” Kibum had also taken his pants off, and was gaping at Heechul’s lower body.
  Heechul smirked. “I know.”
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