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The Switch; Chapter 3

Title: The Switch [Chapter 3]
Main: Kibum & Heechul
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Disatisfied, Heechul and Kibum wished to become the other. But never in their wildest dreams did they expect it to come through. Was being the other really as good as they thought?

  After breakfast, 11 members gathered in the hall.
  They had to go on a show that day, and were just lazing around till they set off.
  Everyone was just recovering from the shock of Kibum shouting when Heechul walked out of his room.
  11 eyes were immediately fixed on him.
  Heechul, or Kibum to the members, was decked in a unusually bright hot pink shirt, the figure of his legs shaped with a pair of skinny jeans.
  Shindong was the first to crack up. “What,” he managed to say between laughs, “are you wearing?”
  Kibum just stood there with a wide grin on his face as the rest of the members started laughing madly.
  They hardly even noticed when a furious Heechul dragged Kibum back into his room.


  “What,” Kibum growled. “Are you doing?”
  “What's wrong? I'm not wearing those things you call clothes.”
  Kibum clicked his tongue in exasperation. “But you're me now!”
  They were interrupted by a soft knocking on the door. “Uhm guys? We're leaving in 5 minutes, okay?” Eeteuk's worried voice came from outside.
  “Okay, hyung.” Kibum and Heechul chorused.
  “Just wear this.” Kibum shoved a bunch of clothes at Heechul. “And I'll wear what you want.”
  Heechul grinned, and flounced over to his closet, picking out clothes to for Kibum.
  Kibum sighed, feeling very much like a doll as Heechul dressed him up, complimenting his own beauty.


  5 minutes later, Kibum and Heechul appeared, with Heechul, or Kibum to the members, looking much more normal.
  Sungmin took one look at Heechul and sighed in relief. He didn't know that Kibum looked so insanely adorable in pink! He shuddered, thinking of what would happen to his status of the cute, pink lover in the group.
  “Now that we all look normal, let's go.” Eeteuk announced, being the responsible leader he was.


  “Hello, I'm Teukie Teukie~ Eeteuk!”
  All the Super Junior members were currently guesting on a talk show, and were doing their self introduction.
  “I'm Kyuhyun.” As usual, the maknae kept his introduction short, but it was enough to send fangirls swooning.
  “I'm Super Junior's Sungmin.” Sungmin waved at the camera sweetly, as his members cringed at his ageyo.
  “Hello, I'm Kim Hee- Kibum.” Heechul quickly recovered from his mistake, and smiled at the camera, ignoring the glare Kibum shot at him.
  “Hello, I'm Kim Heechul.” Kibum finished off his false introduction with Heechul's trademark smirk, perfectly pulling off his act. It was simple for him, being the talented actor he was.
  The camera moved on to the next member, and Kibum dropped his smile, sick with worry. He could only hope that the show would go well. He knew he could pull it off, but as for Heechul...
  Kibum glanced at Heechul beside him, and groaned immediately. Heechul had taken out a mirror and was staring at it with disgust.
  “I'm so much more prettier than you.” Heechul grumbled softly to Kibum, putting his mirror away. “Count yourself lucky on having my face.”
  Kibum rolled his eyes. “Yeah, thanks so much.” he muttered.


  “I hate you.” Kibum growled once the two of them were alone in his room.
  “I didn't do anything!” Heechul plopped down on his bed.
  Kibum glared at him.
  “Okay, okay. So I did boast a little, and talked a tad more than you would usually talk but that's it!”
  “That's it?!” Kibum resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall. “You made me seem so arrogant, and kept praising me, which is basically you. Now the viewers of the show probably think Kim Kibum worships Kim Heechul or something like that.
  “You should, anyway.” Heechul retorted. “Be grateful I'm giving you so much screen time. You hardly talked at all. People probably think I'm in a bad mood now.”
  “At least I didn't make you seem like a totally different person like what you did to me.” Kibum sighed, figuring that his life was ruined.
  He looked over at Heechul. Heechul was already fast asleep. Kibum cursed, storming out of the room.
Tags: fic: the switch
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