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Opposites Attract; Chapter 3/10

Title: Opposites Attract [Chapter 3/10]
Main/Pairing: Super Junior & Yesung/Ryeowook
Genre: Romance, Comedy, AU
Rating: PG-13
General Summary: School is one of the most common places to fall in love in. And also to get your heart broken in.
Chapter Summary: Eeteuk was acting suspiciously, and that puzzled Kyuhyun. Weren't best friends supposed to tell each other everything?

  “You go in first. I forgot to take something from my locker.” Heechul smiled at Han Geng and skipped away.
  Han Geng hesitated outside the classroom door.
  Taking a deep breath, he knocked and entered.
  The chaos in the class immediately died down as everyone's attention focused on the new arrival.
  “He..Hello. I'm Han Geng.” Han Geng bowed as he introduced himself.
  A bespectacled man entered the classroom then, and everyone quickly shifted back into their own seats.
  Han Geng stood awkwardly at the front of the class, not knowing what to do.
  “You are?” the teacher looked at him curiously.
  “Han Geng, sir.”
  “Han Geng? Aren't you posted to 4A?”
  Han Geng nodded.
  “This is 3C, not 4A.” the teacher informed him.
  Han Geng felt his face burn as the entire class burst into laughter, and ran out of the room without a word.
  “Damn that bastard.” he cursed angrily. “I'm late!”
  He ran up and down the corridors trying to find his class. The hallways were already free from students, who were all long in class already.
  He finally found a teacher, who guided him to his class.
  “Thank you sir.” he bowed, before entering his class hurriedly.
  The teacher who was teaching 4A stopped in the mid sentence when Han Geng came in, apologizing for being late.
  “It's okay.” the teacher gave him a comforting smile. “It's your first day, so I'd excuse you this once. Introduce yourself to the class.”
  “Hello. I'm Han Geng.” he faced his new class and bowed slightly.
  “Is there anyone who wants to be his buddy?” the teacher asked the class.
  Han Geng groaned inwardly and stared at the ground, wishing his teacher hadn't asked that question. If no one volunteered, it would be so humiliating.
  To his surprise, an eager voice rang out “Me!”
  He gratefully looked up to see who it was, and his smile disappeared.
  It was the pretty boy from earlier.


  “Eunhyuk! Wait up!”
  Eunhyuk stopped in his tracks upon hearing that familiar voice.
  Donghae caught up with him and greeted his best friend with a hug as usual.
  “The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday night.” Donghae slung his arm over Eunhyuk as he said excitedly. “I remember drinking at a nearby pub and the next thing I knew, I woke up at home! Isn't that weird?”
  Eunhyuk nodded, sighing at his clueless friend.
  “Of course. Why would Donghae remember? After all, he was drunk, wasn't he?” Eunhyuk thought bitterly, faking a smile to Donghae who kept rambling on and on.


  “You're going to the soccer match??” Kyuhyun looked at Eeteuk in disbelief.
  “Is it that surprising?”
  “Yes!! You've never gone to a school soccer match before! Why the sudden interest?” Kyuhyun eyed him suspiciously.
  “Nothing. I was just bored.” Eeteuk replied. “So are you coming with me or not?”
  “Fine. I'll come.” Kyuhyun agreed, as Eeteuk gave him a quick hug and ran off to his next class.


  “Wookie!!!” Yesung's elated shriek rang around the hallway and reached Ryeowook's ears. Not to mention the hundred other students that heard it.
  Ryeowook buried his face in his arms as Sungmin patted his back sympathetically.
  Yesung rushed into their class and headed straight for his boyfriend.
  Panting, he told him, “I'm playing in the next soccer match!!”
  Ryeowook forgot about his embarrassment for awhile and raised his head.
  “Really???” he shrieked, much louder than Yesung.
  Sungmin, Shindong, and Siwon clapped their hands over their ears, like the rest of the students in the class.
  Yesung nodded excitedly and grabbed Ryeowook's hands.
  The two started jumping around the room, much to their friend's amusement.
  After all that excitement died down, Ryeowook asked “But why were you chosen?”
  “Why not? I'm the best player on the team!” Yesung boasted.
  Siwon raised his eyebrow questioningly at him.
  “Fine.. One of the members injured his leg and so I'm going to replace him.” Yesung admitted.
  “Ahhh...” his friends nodded their heads in understanding.
  Why else would Yesung be able to play in a soccer match? He knew a lot about soccer, but his actual skill didn't even come close to his knowledge.
  “You guys will come to watch right?” Yesung asked hopefully, looking at his friends pleadingly.
  “Of course!” Ryeowook hugged him tightly.
  “We might as well.. This will be most probably the only match he'd ever get to play in for his whole life.” Shindong muttered, earning whispered agreements from Sungmin and Siwon.
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