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Forbidden Love; Chapter 1/10

Title: Forbidden Love [Chapter 1/10]
Pairing: None for now
Genre: Romance, AU, Comedy 
Rating: G
Summary: A new Professor turns up at SJ High. 

  “Hey! We're getting a new teacher!” Eunhyuk ran into his classroom and loudly announced. The class immediately broke in chaos, as everyone started talking about what he said. Eunhyuk grinned, pleased at the effect his words created. He walked over to his friends, who were also discussing about that and gesturing at him to come over.
  “How did you find out?” Ryeowook asked as Eunhyuk sat down beside him.
  “Well, I was walking past the staffroom and heard Professor Lee-”
  “Otherwise known as your crush.” Heechul interrupted, smirking.
  “and heard Professor Lee telling Professor Cho about a new Professor coming and that he was going to be taking class 13.” Eunhyuk finished, ignoring Heechul.
  “Whoever he is, I hope he'd replace Professor Choi. He's so boring.” Kangin muttered, stifling a yawn.
Kibum looked up at the mention of Professor Choi. “He's not boring.”
  “He totally is! Especially when he talks about the bible and God.” Kangin rolled his eyes, earning him a frown from Kibum.
  “Well, apart from that...” Kibum mumbled. Professor Choi's lectures about the bible and God were boring.
  “Settle down!” The Headmaster ordered, walking into the class. Silence instantly filled the room as the students quickly got back to their seats. Kangin got up from his shared seat with Sungmin and walked back to his own, grumbling.
  “You will be having a new Professor for this year. Professor Kang has retired.” Kangin's head snapped up upon knowing that the new Professor was there, and his heart skipped a beat. The new Professor was standing beside the Headmaster, and was practically radiating a white aura. Kangin swallowed, trying to take his eyes off him, but failed. Staring straight at the angel that stood before him, Kangin was completely mesmerized. He was faintly aware that the Headmaster was speaking, but he didn't take in anything he said. It was only when Shindong whacked him on the back of his head that Kangin reluctantly pulled his gaze away from the Professor, only to realize that everyone was standing up except him. “Greet Professor Park!” Shindong whispered. Kangin jerked up from his seat, bowing apologetically at the new Professor, who smiled at him. They greeted Professor Park, and sat down. Kangin felt his heartbeat go crazy, just by looking at the Professor.
  Kangin felt his heart explode, as he heard the Professor introduce himself, and told the class that he'd be teaching Art, and was also the teacher in charge of their class. Then the bell rang, shaking Kangin out of his fantasy. Professor Park left, and Kangin's face fell.
  “Hey did you see our Professors for this year?” Sungmin appeared beside him. “Professor Cho's teaching us again this year!” he exclaimed, practically jumping up and down, oblivious to Kangin's unhappiness.
  “Yeah whatever...” Kangin sighed, still thinking about a certain angel. “Where did you get that?” he snatched the piece of paper from Sungmin.
  “Professor Park told us to go to the front and get one. Didn't you take one?” Kangin shook his head and read the paper.

Class 13
Teacher-in-Charge: Professor Park
Art: Professor Park
Math: Professor Cho
Science: Professor Lee
Music: Professor Kim
Literature: Professor Choi
Physical Education: Professor Choi

  There were a few more names and below all that was the class timetable. Professor Cho came in at that moment, and the paper was snatched out of his hands by Sungmin, who squealed happily and hurried back to his seat.
  “What's so good about Professor Cho? The only aura he radiates is an evil aura...” Kangin mumbled, spotting the stack of papers Professor Cho was carrying that looked suspiciously like yet another test, not to mention the evil grin on his face. But then again, he always had that evil face.
  Kangin knocked and waited for an answer. The school day was over and he was outside the staffroom. The door was opened by Professor Kim.
  “Good afternoon. Erm.. Can I see Professor Park? Kangin said quickly, bowing slightly.
  “He's inside. His table is right at the end.”
  Kangin muttered a word of thanks and made his way to the end of the staffroom, searching for Professor Park. He found his cubicle, and Professor Park raised his head as Kangin approached.
  “Oh you're Youngwoon right?” Professor Park said, smiling and looking at Kangin. Kangin immediately felt himself blush, and nodded. “Th..The timetable. I didn't take it.” he managed to say. “Oh the timetable?” Professor Park turned to his table and began searching for the piece of paper. Kangin eyes scanned his cubicle. He spotted the name outside the cubicle: Park Jungsu. Kangin noticed that his cubicle was mostly decorated in white, and there were a few angel wings here and there. “Wow. He really is an angel...” Kangin thought, counting the number of angel related things his Professor had mentally. “Photo frame with wings, pen with wings, angel wallpaper on his laptop, a model of an angel, anot-” “ Here you go~” Kangin stopped counting and took the paper Professor Park was holding out. He couldn't help noticing the cute dimples on his Professor's face when he smiled. “Tha..thank you.” Kangin bowed and walked out of the staffroom hastily.
Tags: fic: forbidden love
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